MS Access database jobs wanted. (large or small companies)

I am seeking opportunites to develop databases businesses. If you are in need of Access programmer, I am interested in this type of work.



  • : I am seeking opportunites to develop databases businesses. If you are in need of Access programmer, I am interested in this type of work.


    Monir Dumith Jr.

    1818 E. Cambridge St.

    Allentown, PA 18103

    (610) 770-1799

    Objective To obtain a position where an effective individual, with a successful background on computer programming and software development can advance while contributing for organizational goals.

    Education University Estacio de Sa. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    (January 1999 April 1999). Seeking for software development degree, Operating Systems, Cobol and Pascal.

    University of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    (June 1993 June 1997). Seeking for mathematics bachelor degree, Emphasis in Algebra and Linear Algebra.

    Professional Software Developer: Marco Polo Construes Ltd. (Construction Company)

    History Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. March 1995 May 1995.

    System objective: Print Banking check coupons on continuous forms supplied by a Bamerindus Financial Group (Actually HSBC-Bamerindos) in Brazil.

    Main tool: Ms-Access 2.0 (VBA).

    System Description: Using O.L.E, Programming Procedure Module features and friendly form virtually simulates a real check coupon, making an easy understanding how the software works.

    Software Developer: Rinom Industry Commerce. Ltd. (Metal and Plastic Industry)

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. June 1995 June 1999.

    System objective: Data control of customers, suppliers, products, orders and sales. Software full control was request willing to serve all departments of the industry like: Employees, Production, Financial, Customer Credit Info, Cost and Profits. Being the last one the information saved by password.

    Main tool: Ms-Access 2.0 (VBA) and Ms-Access 97 (VBA)

    System Description: It is a major software using MS-Access features like Multi-page forms, ActiveX Controls, Internet Access, Crosstab Queries, Parametrics Queries, Union Queries, Actions Queries, Dynamics Reports, Module Procedure Programming, etc.

    Software Developer. University of the State of Rio de Janeiro Biology Dept.

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. March 1999 May 1999.

    System objective: Report data control from the research fields to base the statistics of the database on Students Graduations Thesis.

    Main tool: Ms-Access 97 (VBA)

    System Description: Large use of statistic built in functions in all reports at the query and programming levels.

    Languages Portuguese.

    Willing to relocate to the U.S.

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