Ethos Game Basic

Have a look at, its a new basic designed for writing games and its free to use.

Ethos combines a user friendly and powerful BASIC language with a breadth of graphical and sound systems. Through its online user group ethos provides the user with extensive data library to make a multitude of programs ranging from games, educational to standard programs and tools.

Using an integrated windows editor, developing and debugging your programs is made easier by using a project approach. Each ethos program contains all the routines and data arranged in simple banks.

The advanced data manager allows visual management of program, sound, sprites and image data banks. These use standard windows editing techniques giving ethos an intuitive and user friendly interface. ethos supports most standard graphic formats including animating GIF files

Integrated data viewers and editors for all data bank types and the ability to dynamically extend the abilities of ethos as such as new data types supply the user with an unlimited functionality in the development of their programs and games.

With the direct mode, commands can be entered directly whilst editing or debugging the program. This can be used to quickly see the effect or positioning of an image, or to reset or report on programming variables. You can even grab data to store in the databanks whilst your program is running.

An easy to use Windows style editor gives a familiar and functional text editor. Using project based approach the program can be separated into distinct routines. The projects allow you to export and import routines developed by other users.

With a comprehensive support site ethos users are provided with a central location for contacting other ethos users and accessing a breadth of resources through the library. Users can even upload their programs and graphics to share with other users.

Create fast paced arcade games using pixel perfect collision sprites, multiple playfields, scrolling and digital sound effects.

Utilising DirectX the games you develop run seamlessly.

Ethos has been developed over a number of years and features some exciting upgrading features. All the commands in ethos are specified in configuration script files, this allows you to access functions within DLL's effortlessly.

All the tools and viewers are actually written in Ethos Basic, this makes modify, improving and altering them very easy.

As the editor / program startup and shut down procedures are also Ethos Basic .INI files, these can be upgraded to include any system that may be developed, simply initialising the DLL's via the command interfaces.


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