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I have a form that workd great when I post the data to 1 location through the "<form name="free" method="post" action="

I want to get this form to also go to another script simultaneously. How can I get the "action=" to see 2 locations to post to?

I have a validator running through "onSubmit="

Any help would be great!!! I'm not sure where to even start.


  • Hm... this is really tricky - did this some months ago, don't know for certain what was the task I had.

    Just create a frameset with two frames - one is visible, the other is width or height "0", just as you would like it - however, the second frame should be "invisible" to the user.


    The form is named "myform"

    The submit button is none, it is a "" with onClick-function: submit_twice();

    The first frame (visible) is caled "visframe", the second one (invisible) is called "invframe"

    Now you create an Array using javascript

    var Locations = new Array();

    Locations[0] = "location1";
    Locations[1] = "location2";

    Here your submit_twice function is:



    Now the data is submitted once each frame, so you can handle it twice - using different scripts in both frames.

    Hope this works and helps!

    best regards,

    sebastian mohrenstecher
    executive secretary
    [email protected]

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