Mouse pointer evading code for VB 6.0

How do I write the code in VB 6.0 for a form to evade the mouse pointer (i.e. for a programs that ask a user to click on "yes" or "no" and the "no" box moves away from the pointer when you try to click on it)


  • You wouldn't be talking about a certain "Salary Survey" that is circulating through email, would you?

    Sub cmdNo_MouseMove(......)

    cmdNo.Move NewX, NewY

    End Sub

  • Leachim,

    You're a credit to programmers everywhere. Thanks!

  • When I use this code, I get an error message stating "Compile Error: Expected: Identifier" and the (...) is highlighted. Any suggestions?

  • The first line of the code "Private Sub ..." was only meant to show you where to put the code. Put this in the mousemove event of the "No" button:

    cmdNo.Move NewX, NewY

    and replace cmdNo with the name of your Button, and NewX and NewY with the coordinates you wish to move thebutton to.

  • The code works great. Thanks. Now I'm trying to figure out how to keep the "No" form evading the mouse after the initial evasion. Your help was great. Thanks

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