galaxian type game: sprite problems

I was wondering if anyone has created any game similar to galaxians or knows of the techniques used in the large group of sprites in the game.
Im not sure whether there are lots of individual sprites or just one large bitmap used. if so then how do I accomplish the swooping alien sprites and how are these chosen.


  • Using large bitmap for sprites is usually slower than using individual sprites. Besides, there are not SO many sprites in Galaxian. Considering that you probably dont only want this large bitmap moving right, left and down or many large bitmaps (just memory issue, you naturally dont display them at once :), if you want some of them die, but also some of them flying directly at your ship. I believe that in Galaxian it is much faster to use even 500-1000 individual sprites (you probably use only 50), because they do not require much AI. I have made a game that had 100 script based sprites running around in world made out of blocks, occasionally searching their way through labyrinths, and it all worked fine on 200 mhz computer. I hope my answer is of some help.

  • Yeah, they'd be individual sprites. Using a single block wouldn't work, even in a Space Invader type game, because they need to die individually. Basically, each one is an individual and needs to 'think' individually, although it would also need to adhere to certain group rules ('where am I in the group', 'how many are diving, should I dive?') and so on.
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