Rerieving a specific row, please help...



  • : It's not really about coding principles. If you know doing something a certain way is error prone, why not avoid it?
    : And you are 100% right, I am stuck on it. I have a very disturbing accuracy fetish.
    : Inconsistent analysis is the principle associated with the sample I gave, about reading rec3, rec deleted, where does move next go. I looked it up real quick and its not categorized under data integrity, so you're right on that one. I'll look up the others later.
    : But, it remains the same. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.
    : -Ray

    Fair enough! I know my solution is "home-made" and probably very ill-suitable for large databases. But you are wrong about losing track when deleting a record. If I delete row nr 3 in the database while reading it (displaying it on a small frame), the immediate row following it will "become" row nr 3 and that will be displayed instead. The "cursor" remains the same.

    And besides, I dont need rec(X) to get rec(X+1) as I would in a linked list.



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