web enable a vb application

i have been given an assignment to web enable a VB built application. Can some body please help me out from where to start.
desperately waiting for reply.


  • Hi ,
    So far as i understand , Web Enabling a VB application that has already been created in VB will be a little difficult or may require workarounds.
    Firstly Server based VB is constructed using IIS(Internet Information Server) programming which has an HTML Front end and the VB resides on the server(called Visual BAsic Webclasses).

    Desktop based Web-Enabled VB is written in DHTML.

    If i were doing this my first approach would be to create a DLL file out of the existing VB application and add it as plug-in into a new DHTML or IIS application.

    I know this sounds vague but maybe could help u get started in some direction.

    All the best,

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