slackware 8.1(problems with mouse in X)

Hi guys !
I am having problems with my mouse in KDE.
My mouse dont operate ... for more exactness, it dont move in the screen.
I already tried put it at same port , parallel of the gpm.
Ps: my mouse operate correctly in console but dont X ...
I too tried to modify manually the file XF86Config(modifing ports, drivers and others) and i havent return ...

I already tried of all in tutorials, others foruns e nothing !!

If anybody to can help-me ;-|


  • I don't know if your still having the problem or not but here is my advice...
    It sounds like you used the wrong mouse type. For instance I use a Logitech Optical Scroll mouse. I have no problems with the X server, because I chose to use a generice scroll mouse driver on PS/2 port. If you choose the wrong port as well that will prevent your mouse from working correctly. You need to verify your config.

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