I hope someone can help me!

Here we go...

I need to decompress a file, but i cannot figure out how.
There are 16 tga files within that are named as png's in
the file. i need the images to complete a level for thps3
pc that was only made for the xbox. So far it looks pretty
awful but the level is 100% playable just like on Xbox. If
anyone can help or even point me in the right direction
you will make a lot a gamers REALLY happy!

As this level was never included in any PC release its
just something extra for those dedicated gamers who play
it day in day out.

Thank you in advance.

There is a *much* larger file with the rest of the level
images, but i can do that one if i someone can show me how.

the smaller file is here:



  • Hi,

    About the file containing images. The images seem to be size 64*64 and the last one seems to be 128*128. They seem to be 16 bit images and the file itself does not seem to be compressed as it contains too many similar values that could be compressed using very simple algorithms. Thats all I can tell at the moment. It would help if you could tell, what these images should look like.
    Anyway, I hope I didn't tell you anything you didn't already know and that this helps you a bit. Everything I said might be wrong as well,because I don't know anything about this format and that is why I said that everything "seems" to be so. I just looked the file in Windows Commanders hex viewer.

  • Hi XLoom,

    The PC equivalent file to the xbox OIL.TXX is a OIL.TDX
    As I said all the scripts are working perfectly now which makes the level and all the animated challenges work and function when triggered. I have a tool to extract and replace the .tga images
    from inside the PC TDX files, so I used an existing level tdx files and changed the file names accordingly using a hex editor to match the image calls from the scripts.

    As the extractor/replace tools only edit existing files within the TDX getting the right sort of image in the right named file has been a long process but made things look a little more presentable
    with most objects wrapped in textures of some sort.

    All this because of the problems with this TXX file! Now you see why its so important to get these extracted as it would really make this mod complete.

    There are 2 files Oil_sky.txx + Oil.txx

    Here is a link to the hand crafted (if I can get away with calling it that) Oil.tdx and the extracting and replacing tools.

    Also the XBox files mentioned above. They may give you some clue to getting the .tga's out. I am happy to hand build the files again if IT can use the original textures.
    Unless its possible to modify the headers to make it .tdx without removing the images assuming the compression used is the same?

    Thats my lot........ Hands up... im stumped!

    All input gratefully accepted.

    Oil_Sky.txx = HTTP://
    Oil.txx = HTTP://

    HTTP:// (the glue is still wet)
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