Get character dimensions in chosen font?

I'm writing a program to generate a bitmap font by allowing the user to choose a font face, size and colour and then drawing that font onto an offscreen HDC then saving it as a bitmap file appended to another file containing drawing data for the font.

My problem is that i don't know how to get the widths of each character in that font so i can set the cell sizes on the bitmap and center the characters in their cells and setup drawing rectangles to be written to the file.

Can anyone tell me how i can do this please?


  • I found what i needed while reading about the ChooseFont() function to create a dialog box where the user can choose a font. I got the ChooseFont() function to fill in a LOGFONT struct with the font details including character height and the width of the widest character. The width of the widest character just saved me a bit of work working out what the width of the widest character was :P

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