help creating standalone apps in java

hi all,
is it possible to create standalone applications in java instead of bytecodes? please do reply ...


  • Hi,

    If by standalone app u mean an exe in case of windows or similar executable for other platforms, Yes, it is possible. I dont have a knowledge of any other tool, but I have successfully used JBuilder 7 for this purpose. Its simple, just go to tools>wizards and then select the native executable wizard. U can create executables for windows, mac, solaris etc. I have tried only the one for windows.

  • The thing about java is that it is meant to run on all platforms thru the java virtual machine. very cool. Allright, so you hate the command line, what do you do? well, you can make a jar file, which is by nature executable. double click and hey-presto!

    umm.. oh yeah, this is my first post. Hi guys!


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