remote cell/mobile access

is it possiable that in a's cell can access/view/use b's cell options.

is it possiable that if one can press a number in his own cell
to display the same number in others cell screen


  • hi friend
    thank u very much for such a good question. i thought i was the only one with the same q.
    i currently don't have answers to yo q's.
    my vision is like yoz, i want to develop the software that will enable cell phones to communicate in more advanced method than sms and call,i want that will enable cell phones to control each other via techs like wap etc.
    i'm researching about this day and night, please if you find anything new or have anything regarding the issue please please let me know, my email is
    i promise to give you any info i may come accross.
    one of the good days we will make it.
    thank u again for such a good idea


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