Need more help PLEASE


In case my previous e-mail was missed by anyone who may be reading this I will quickly review it.

I am a new turbo pascal student. I am trying to write a menu driven program (that is due this afternoon). I actually have the program compiled and it will run. There is one area I need to expand on which is in two of the modules. It is a invalid statement. If a user does not select a number I need the program to state that they have not selected a number and please try again and then return to the original prompt of type in your number.

Steve answered my post but I am not sure as to what he really means. (I am very new to pascal) lesson week 3.

Steve had suggested that I read in a string and then test whether the string is a integer.

I am wanting to know

1. If I am reading in a string does that mean I delare my var number input as a string? If that is not how I do it can someone steer me in the right direction.

Also to test the string whether it's a integer How is that done?

I think I have already looked at this program so long I will be crosseyed soon.

I would appreciate any and all help.

Thank you in Advance



  • I have posted a reply to your question below, you can go check it out.

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