Graphics, pcx, memory

Hi...lim trying making a game now....something i need to know...

How can i save a PCX file in the memory...

so i can tell the memory to show the PCX as a Background on the screen

thanks in advance


  • 1. Go to, download the pcx format (quite simple), write your own loader for it and tataaa.

    2. go to, another pcx-format. Too bad all code in there is C, which is pretty weird since the pc-gpe was originally meant the pascal platform.

    But hey, pcx is a kinky format. Just wait till you want to load 24 bits pcx's and then learn that you can't have an odd width pcx without having extra whitespace. It is just so much fun. Not.

    Better just use raw or semi-raw formats like bmp and tga and pack'm with some external packer or some resource-system.

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