Online DB management

Could anyone tell me what's the simplest way to get started to get a database online and how it works? I want to maybe create an online store sometime.. if anyone could recommend on how I could get started and get some practice building a DB and using the web to change it around a bit I would greatly appreciate it. I bought a php / my SQL book to get me started by the way...


  • Hehe, I had to re-think for a few seconds if YOUR post was posted by myself, because I'm also "Daniel" and am on the same background of learning on databases as you.

    I thought you would like to know about
    You can build a whole portal on the web with it and it is well documented.

    Maybe it is a good start to read it. Hope this helps.
  • Hello, People,

    please, consider using [link=][/link]

    Just want to let you know about new one Free Online Database Application, main benefits and features:

    - you can create complex web-forms
    - you can put this forms to your site, using Widget Builder menu
    - you can create file/image/video databases
    - again you can embed Widget-form for adding some records to your site, and another widget for integrating your collected data
    - you can add validations, to be sure your users add proper data, for example Email validation, uniqueness etc

    for example
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