Need Hellllp with Direct X SDK

I was going to do some game programming so I googled for tutorials and all of the tutorials I've seen require DirectX SDK. The tutorial also saids that the SDK has to be developer's version not runtime.So I surfed onto and found nothing about developer's version but runtime. So, I download a about 200MB installer called DirectX 9.0b SDK. When I install the SDK, it ask me to choose Debug or Retail, so I was confused too. So where to download developer's version and should I choose Debug or Retail to install?

By the way, the tutorial I was looking at is:

tell me plz if i miss understood anything.... :)


  • --So where to download developer's version and should I choose Debug --or Retail to install?

    You should choose Retail. After that you should have the SDK installed.

    I think you have the correct SDK version. I had installed that directX version. Heres the link:

    However after trying DirectX I soon started using Linux and as you know there isnt a DirectX for Linux so I started to search for an alternative. I had ended up sticking with the cross-platform SDL(Simple DirectMedia Layer). Its currently the alternative to DirectX. If you dont know what cross-platform means it means it would work on just about any platform out there. Means you could get it for Windows, Linux etc... the homepage for that site to download it is:

    then go to downloads and you want the version SDL 1.2

    Heres a good site to get you started with programming it assuming you have it all set up and configured: has plenty of good tutorials just search around on it. And if you want do some Googleing.



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