Anyone know of code or software that can do an audio diff?

here's the scenario. We have software that converts audio of one format into another format of various bitrate.
(for example 128 kbps mp3 -> WMA {64, 96, 128, 160, 192}

length: standard CD audio ~3 minutes

When done someone has to manually go through and listen to all of finished audio to verify the transcode is 'good'.

Does anyone know of any code or software that can handle the manual portion?

What I am looking for is something like a diff for audio files.

Input: two audio source (can be wav)

Output: a numeric value or something to indicate the two audio data are similar if not exact.


  • SephirothSephiroth Fayetteville, NC, USA
    Your program will *ALWAYS* return that there is a difference between audio files. Think about it for a second. You encode to MP3, which throws out TONS of audio data to make the smaller size. You now take that already battered file and go to OGG, WMA, or anything else, which also throws out stuff to make the smaller size, and you only have a mere fraction of what the original CD sounded like. It is EXTREMELY unwise to convert from MP3 or WMA to another format as both of these are very lossy. OGG is lossy, and thought it compresses better, has true stereo (MP3 is only one channel, using joint-stereo), and is far better in sound quality than WMA or MP3, it too loses a tad of the original song and would not be advised to convert from. If you want your MP3s in WMA format, just rip your CDs again using Windows Media Player and you're set! Converting from one lossy format to another is a bad idea.


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