Check in the database with first 12 numbers...

In my database i have a column name BarCode and part Number Barcode is 12 digit when my user scan the barcode in textbox it gives them a partnumber related to that now what i want to do is scan a barcode that has 16 number as barcode but in the database it has first 12 digit same so basically i want to do is that check in my database only the first 12 numbers and dot check the last 4 number and give me the part number related to that...
so for example in my DATABSE I have Column Name BARCODE the content of that column is lets say 123456789123 and PART NUMBER IS A-1111. ok now my user will scan a barcode in a textbox the barcode user will scan is => 1234567891234567 so the first 12 digit is same as what i have in my database right? so any time if first 12 digit of what user scan match with what i have in my database the program will output the part number in this case A-1111.



  • you can use Left function to extract the first 12 characters and the check it from the database values

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