p-gramers wanted 4 1st level of 3D game-READ THIS

We r graphic artists(2 of us) who need coders to make the 1st level of a 3D game.No need 2 make the hole game,just 1 level (as a tester) If we all like it, we can than make sum decisions.

We've been designing games for over 10 years and have lots of good ideas. Not sum lame-ass shit,done-2-death,no style and no taste, they're top ideas. We've seen other companies make attempts at them but never getting close. We are way more advanced than the competition and have concepts that still stand up after all these years.

Heard all this b4? So have we. Worked with other people and found they couldn't do ANY of the things they said? So have we. Seen games that u thought of years ago, but had to leave on the back burner cos of not having the opportunity?(Grand Theft Auto, 2 name just 1) So have we.

We have no desire 2 be the boss, give orders or make demands. A game is a team effort, not a managers training camp. We will make and take suggestions/sacrifices and we expect the same.

If u r concerned about copy write getting credit or (post)payment etc, we will draw up a contract either b4 we start or during. If we all agree with it, we all sign it. We have been in these situation b4, and found sum ppl 2 b very selfish and ignorant when it comes down 2 possible payment. We think that if it takes 10 ppl 2 make it, then 10 ppl get paid the same amount(if we get paid!!!)

This is (like always) unpaid work. We want to make this level/first section, in the hope of convincing the people with the cash to fund the rest of the game. Those that start with the project we hope will continue with it until the end. If any of us feel that making the full game is too much. We hope it will not end there, cos as I said, we have many ideas/designs so why break a good team. Reply if ur interested, but please no time wasters/dreamers. We need ppl who are prepared 2 see this through cos We wll.


  • I am a sound designer who is interested in helping you guys out on your game level. (If you need the audio design help).
  • : I am a sound designer who is interested in helping you guys out on your game level. (If you need the audio design help).
    Thats great. We use fruityloops @ the moment, but as graphic ppl we don't have much time to dig in deep.

    I take it this is not the best place 2 advertise for help, as this has been the only reply to 2 months!!!!!
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