connection error starting a web appl but IIS is started

I am running xp Pro as local host on a single machine for development with and IIS. I can view in my browser http://localhost/webservice1 folder contents by typing in the url. But trying to start a new or open a web service or appl. the message "can't establish a connection with the web server" appears. I have reinstalled IIS and .net in correct order and have run asp_netregiis. I am logged in as administrator and full rights are given to wwwroot and subfolders. So i can't start or run any projects. Also Inetpub directory is fully read only. I can't seem to change this attribute. CAn you get me started so i can jump into ,net programming with asp? thanks


  • Try Checking your IIS security... I had this problem before and was able to resolve it thru the IIS sec.

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