DataGrid Column issue

I'm working in VBA and I haven't been able to figure this one out.
I have a form with a datagrid and I use a recordset to populate the fields (see code below). In VBA the grid properties window allows you to either set the defcolwidth to 0 which will use the recordset to set the column widths or specify a value and all columns will be that value.
Does anybody know how to set column widths for each individual colunm?

Set DataGrid1.DataSource = pAdoRS


  • You need to set width for every column like this


    Ganesh :)

  • I've tried the column width but it didn't change. In what module is that code suppose to reside? In the Form_Initiate? Keep in mind that I'm working in VBA and when I set the defcolwidth property to 0 it autamatically takes the field widths from the recordset.

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