Commodore 64 Emulator!

Hi, love the website, it's absolutly terrific, even linked it to my own.

Anyhow, I have a number of consoles, computers, games machines etc. at home ranging from Mega Drives, to Gameboys, PCs, PSX etc. and a Commodore 64.

In the "early days", when I firsted got my Commodore 64, it was the beez kneez, and I still have it set up today - can't help but play the classics... Chuckie Egg, lol!

To the point - I've spent endless hour after hour searching at search engines, searching through tonnes of pages, Usenet groups for an emulator for my golden oldie. However, I've had no such luck.

Don't get me wrong, I mean, I have looked but I seem to only come up with dead links, or programs that claim "This is the best! I tried it and it works 100%", which, unfortunatley, don't.

Maybe other people have had this problem? Or is it only me sad enough to want an emulator for it . Only kidding...

So please help a guy out here! Will someone please be kind enough to post a link here with an emulator that does work?

Thank you very much.



  • I feel for you. I don't know about any C64 emulators, but I know how much I love mine. I have about 4 of those and a C128 here at home. I still program BASIC on them and have a great deal of fun (although my joystick is so old it fell apart last month).

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