event-handling system in DOS

hi guys!
i need to develop a DOS GUI, but first i must fix the integrated event-handling system. can anyone help me telling where can i start?

the system must be able to:
capture events such as mousemove or buttonclick
send appropriate message to the component
the component must handle the message by calling the event function
...in few words, like the event system in builders or other object libraries

i don't need the whole thing about it. just some tips, suggestions. maybe you already did smth similar. share your experience

thanks. be in touch.


  • That would be a whole lot easier in MS-Windows, but you could program the MS-DOS mouse driver. Here are some utilitiy programs you might (or might not) find useful.


  • thanks, stober.
    i have assembler code that can handle ms-mouses.
    anyway, your link is precious - simtel.net is a good thing, i didn't know about it till now. thanks again.
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