creating authentication form using for standalone app

if two authentication one for emp and one for cust how can it be accomplished


  • There are a lot of was to accoplish this. The traditional way may be to have logins stored either in a file or a Database, and then create a simle login form that runs and authenticates on that information when the app loads.

    I think a better option is to take advantage of "Code Security" in .Net where you can actually put security on a signiture for a funciton. You can link this to the windows groups. This is nice because you can use normal windows logins and it will determine which functions may be used. This is slightley more complicated and depending on how diverse your app is you should determine which way to go.


  • :hey rlc can u pls explain this sencond methd a bit ...


  • Hard to explain it, and lengthy. Search for "VB.NET PrincipalPermission" below is what seems to be a good quick walkthrough.

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