How To: Display .xls in html???

I need to make a page for an active desktop that just simply displays a saved .xls file as is. It does not need to be interacted with, just displayed as the wall paper. So far I have had to do a screen shot every time I update it and then post it to desktops as an image. I am looking for a way to just have this automated every time the file is updated.

Can anyone assist me with this please? Much appreciated!



  • I don't think there is a way you can do this automated. And if somebody made it, it'll cost you soem money.

    After some searching on google I only found companies who sell that kind of software.

    What you could do is something with csv file and php like this.
    // starting excel
    $excel = new COM("excel.application") or die("Unable to instanciate excel");
    print "Loaded excel, version {$excel->Version}

    //bring it to front
    #$excel->Visible = 1;//NOT
    //dont want alerts ... run silent
    $excel->DisplayAlerts = 0;

    //open document
    //XlFileFormat.xlcsv file format is 6
    //saveas command (file,format ......)

    //closing excel

    //free the object
    $excel = null;

    This converts your xls file to csv and maybe you can create your table out of that using the file options in php (

    Hope this gives you some of a lead.

    Good luck,


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