i post crap

do i really post crap? let me try to do something about it!

leeos had it with winxp, of course, who wouldnt? so he gave debian gnu/linux a try. and whats the consequence for me?

im getting a huge ammount of questions :D

the poor bastard almost drowned in the process, resulting in a reinstall!

it reminds me of myself.. i reinstalled the damn thing many times in the beginning..

okay... ill quit talking behind lee's back :P
Jou my no rap dy lekkere dikke tsjap


  • Heh, I still use WinXP on the desktop. It doesn't get in my way enough that I want to go to the time of replacing it, and while I'm not fond of M$' business ethics I don't feel against proprietery software enough to move to Linux or another platform for that reason either. Mac OSX is as likely to be my next desktop platform as anything else these days, if I feel I can be more productive there.


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  • twas a nightmare. I really like debian though. - the issue was that i couldn't get a particular wireless lan driver to work properly.

    alas i have bought xp for real now.
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