outputing raw error messages,


I have a cgi script that registers users with a email account on another server.

If all goes well and there are no errors, its fine.

but if there is an error, th server returns a raw code such as BAD_USER_NAME

( which is printed as $err )

this isnt very user friendly. I tried using an IF $err eq 'bad' whatever but I found

if there is more then one error, $err would be something like BADUSERNAMEBADPASSWORD

so It wouldnt work

my question is, how could I get past this? Could someone assist me thanks.


Icq: 2328944


  • Well not sure, but I think if it is printing out the $err message, you have to be telling it to print it out. like a || print "$err";

    You could instead put || print "Text you want printed";

    That's what i did b4 I figured out what the special variable i was looking for was.

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