need a job done, look in and see if you can do it.(html)

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b4 i write job, know that specifics for site like bizz etc, can just be left blank, i just need you to set up framework, and i can fill in informational blanks.

As such, you are required to tie-in your internet research with the graphical capabilities of web pages to provoke interest in your business, similar to a commercial. You may NOT use a web-page editor!(if u can do it without making it look like u did fine) You must use Notepad or a plain text editor (NOT a Word Processor or other program), using HTML tags you type yourself. Remember that you must save the file as a plain-text (DOS or ASCII text) file. You must hand-in both the notepad and graphic (browser print commmand) version of YOUR webpages.You MUST use a highlighting marker (or a colored pen/pencil) to indicate, in your notepad printouts, where each of the requirements occurs.(we can work this out later) . In the margin of the printout, you must place the number and letter of the requirement from the list below (as in the example). Staple the pages together in the order of the requirements, not in the order they might be viewed. All your IMG tags must use the ALT option (see your book).

ALL pages must have the following 3 items:
 an HTML comment containing your name, lecture section and presentation number at the top of the file
 a title
 a copyright at the end of each page. It MUST use the copyright tag, not the inserted symbol @ or a (c)

1. Your 1st web page (your home page). This is what you did for the 2 home page assignments (just print it).
2. Your 2nd web page must be a frameset definition. You must have at least 4 frames defined in the set, with any layout that suits your own preference.
3. Four frame pages with the contents IN THE ORDER SHOWN as specified below (you may add anything else you wish):
the following (anchor-tag) links or in-line images (a text link means text you can click on, an image link is an image you can click on):
1) an in-line centered image not on bingsuns or bingweb (this means the actual file is not stored anywhere on campus)
2) an image link to another image (you click on the 1st and get to the 2nd)
3) a text link to a PAGE (an HTML file) somewhere ON campus, OTHER THAN Bingsuns
4) a text link to a PAGE (an HTML file) somewhere OFF-campus
5) a text link to an IMAGE that is ON-campus (not used elsewhere in your pages)
6) a text link to an IMAGE that is OFF-campus (not used elsewhere in your pages)
7) a text link to a NAME anchor (the link must be in frame A and the target must appear in another of your frames. See the syntax for name= in the tag and for name= and target= in the tag )
8) 2 text links using 2 different reserved target names (see the index in the book), also called magic targets
-------Frame B.
1) color-definitions for links, alinks, and vlinks and either an explicit color definition for background, OR a specification for wallpaper. The wallpaper MUST be in your public_html directory.
2) 2 different heading tags.
3) 2 sections of centered text, each done a different way (a tag and an option on a tag).
4) an EMPHASIS and a STRONG tag (one each, for separate pieces of text)
5) at least 3 different type faces (label as 5a, 5b, & 5c,)
6) at least 3 different text colors (label as 6a, 6b, & 6c)
-------Frame C.
1) 4 different URLs and 4 text for your Competitive Analysis. Data may be quotes, graphs or numeric values from your sources of information. Must be real data.
2) 4 different URLs and 4 text for your Market Trends. Same rules as Competitive Analysis.
3) a nested, 4-level, Ordered list. This page must NOT contain a CSS style for lists. Make the lists look the same as the lists in Frame 4 (below), by using tag attributes.
4) a nested, 4-level, Unordered List.
------Frame D.
1) an embedded CSS definition for the numbering rules for nested, ordered lists up to 4 levels deep, as discussd in class,such that all 4 levels have different numberings (e.g.;alpha, numeric, Roman).
2) a nested, 4-level, Ordered List that uses the stylesheet definition in (D1) above
3) a Dictionary (Glossary) List.
4) a table containing at least 4 rows and 4 columns, with the 1st cell in 2nd row in a visibly different typeface.
5) a FORM that is emailed to YOU when the "submit" button is clicked.


  • I don't quite understand the whole highlighting thing 100%, I am interested in this job. Can start A.S.A.P. if needed. Send me a private message or an e-mail at : [email protected]

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