Create intances in C

I need a way to create 2 instances in C.
Here's the flow:-

orig_task_A sends messages to display_task() via interface_A();
orig_tast_B sends messages to display_task() via interface_B().

From the source of input (either interface_A() or interface_B()), display_task() knows whether the messages come from task_A and task_B.

My question is how can we create interface_A() and interface_B() which basically does the same thing, but serving different orig_task.

I know by creating an abstract class in C++, I can create as many instances I can. But I need to have a methology in C that does the same thing as C++ does.

Any idea anyone?


  • Blw is a short program I wrote, uses void *pointers & function pointers to achieve the purpose. The struct task is the interface but its funtask can be set to different functions to achieve polymorphism in C.

    typedef struct task Task;
    typedef struct A A;
    typedef struct B B;

    struct A
    int a_value;

    struct B
    int b_value;

    struct task
    void *t;
    void (*funcTask)(Task*);
    A* getA()
    A* ptr = malloc(sizeof(A));
    ptr->a_value = 911;
    B* getB()
    B* ptr = malloc(sizeof(B));
    ptr->b_value = 729;

    void display_A_task(Task *task)
    A * aa= (A*)task->t;
    printf("%d", aa->a_value);

    void display_B_task(Task *task)
    B *bb = (B*)task->t;
    printf("%d", bb->b_value);
    Task* getTaskFromA(A *a_task)
    Task *TaskA;
    TaskA = (Task*)malloc(sizeof(Task));
    TaskA->t = a_task;
    TaskA->funcTask = display_A_task;
    return TaskA;

    Task* getTaskFromB(B *b_task)
    Task *TaskB;
    TaskB = (Task*)malloc(sizeof(Task));
    TaskB->t = b_task;
    TaskB->funcTask = display_B_task;
    return TaskB;

    void display_task()
    Task *ta;
    Task *tb;
    ta = getTaskFromA(getA());
    tb = getTaskFromB(getB());

    int main(void)

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