Looking for average-great programmers for online project..

Hey, I'm thinking about writing a Development Library for pascal. Why? Because I'm bored! I know there plenty of GREAT libraries like EFLIB but I want to write one too.

Here are the immediate goals for the Library:

Replace CRT and Graph with object oreiented versions of these libaries.

Currently I'm still toying around with code to learn how to write this thing, but I think I've got the hang of it.

What, eventualy, do I want this library to do?

Eventualy I want to use this library to write a Star Trek RPG Sim, a Dos GuiTK and anything else that needs to be done bottom-up style ;)

Note: This library will be licensed under the GNU GPL, if you don't know what that is checkout GNU's webpage: http://www.gnu.org/.

Email me if you want to work togeather,

Reply to this post if you want more information.


  • Hey, forgot to state a few things.

    What do I mean by average-great programmers? Anyone who wants to work togeather is a great programmer in my opinion. Anyone who wants to help is welcome.

    Pluses are Object Oriented Programming, Assembly Experience, and at least basic knowledge of how the intel 386+ cpu works.

    If you don't know these concepts you can still help, and I'd be more than willing to help you understand them.


  • I might be interested (!)

  • : I might be interested (!)


    I really don't know. I hope its ever going. But I don't think it will take to long to implement the basics of the library, ie: event/error handlers, stream io, dynamic arrays, video device access.

    I'm taking pointers from Turbo Vision and EFLIB. Basicly learning how they did it, and improving the design if I can.

    Please email me :)

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