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I am trying to update a record and I keep getting an error message say "There is no record at position 0."
When the form loads all the information from the tables is displayed in a listveiw.
After that the use then selects the record the would like to update.
When they click the update button I get the above message.
Listed below is the code that i am using to update the record.

With Me.DsAllergy1.ALLERGY(0)
.ALL_NAME = Me.txtAlleName.Text
.ALL_REACTION = Me.txtAllerReaction.Text
.ALL_TREATMENT = Me.txtAlleTreatment.Text
End With

Please can some tell me where i am going wrong.



  • For some reason Me.DsAllergy1.ALLERGY is empty.

    You can try to verify by counting the number of records in that table?

    like Me.DsAllergy1.ALLERGY.Count() ??

    Tore Nestenius
    [blue][italic][b]/WEBMASTER[/b][/italic][/blue] Programmers Heaven
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