C Coder Needed to Finish Project $$

This project has to do with Emulating a Battle.net Server. If you have never heard of battle.net its the network where you play starcraft, diablo, warcraft etc on. BNETD is the name of the project, there were many other projects like it such as FSGS, PVPGN in the past. This project was originally being worked on by a few people years ago but has since stopped. The one part that many of us were hopeing for never got finished and we are hopeing that someone can help us out. The part that needs to be finished is being able to link servers together, currently with the software there is support for linking servers but it is really buggy, and we need help cleaning it up, coding and compiling it. We have 2 coders at the moment but there time is limited and could use someone use. We are willing to pay the individual so please let me know. On this post I have provided a bunch of website urls that tell about the project, with files for the software and the source code. Let me know if you have any questions.


http://www.aka.org.cn/GNU/bnetd/download.html <-- The Source Code is Here
http://www.math.sfu.ca/~cbm/cd/ <--- Another Copy of the Source Code


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