Writer looking for a team of dreamers!!

My name is Shara Maude and I would very much like to make a game, but I know less about programming than my seventy year old mother, so I'm going to need some help. I am a writer, and I do mostly fantasy RPG type stuff, but what I am seeking to do is perhaps make an MMO or a large scale RPG kinda based around the same themes as Ralph Bakshi's Wizards. Why? Because it's awsome, that's why. Anyway, I can't guarentee anything, but if I could get some people together, that would be awsome!! TY!


  • What type of team are you looking for? Certain skills?

  • Greetings Shara,

    Wow, funny you should mention Wizards and MMO. I have been putting together a concept document for an MMORPG project that runs along the Wizards theme. Also, I have been working on the assets for the project (Multiverse Platform), I use 3DS, Mudbox & Zbrush.

    Lets talk - game concepts/expectations, please contact([email protected])


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