i need Wav files Handle a technology

I have done a procedure,,Some places can not compose , preserve for instance , I carve up the entire sound broadcasting becoming 5 modules, and then those sound establishes a catalogue,
Master of every is asked to give a hand


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    Could you please restate your problem? I am having difficulties understanding the problem you have stated. I understand if your English is not good, maybe you could use google translator to assist you.
  • wav file edit, cut/copy too new file ,

  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    Okay. I am sorry.
    I am still not understanding your problem. Are you asking someone to help you find technology to Edit sound clips in code or are you asking for help editing sound clips?
  • help me, wav file edit code , vb.net

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