PIC 16f684 timer0 question


I am a beginner at PIC programming and am trying to get timer0 to work as an event counter on external pin T0CK1.

The basic program structure is:

movlw b'00110000' ; Make TMR0 a counter (pull-ups on
movwf OPTION_REG ; T0CK1 enable, falling edge, no pre-scaler


movf TMR0, w
movwf PORTC
goto main_loop

I have a switch connected to T0CK1 that pulls the pin low when pressed and LEDS connected to PORTC to see TMR0 value. I would expect to see the LEDS increment with each button press, but instead I have to press 256 times to see TMR0 increment. Is this how timer0 is supposed to behave as an event counter on an external pin? I have tried different pre-scaler values and nothing has any effect. I am obviously missing something, can someone help me out,




  • Hi,dave! I saw your post,and might I have a solution. I wrote program in
    MPLAB. It is free for download. [u]www.microchip.com[/u]

    list p=16f684

    org 0x0000
    goto start

    movlw b'00110000'
    movwf OPTION_REG ;TMR0 Adjusment (Prescaler 1:2)

    movlw 0x00
    movwf TRISC ;Make PORTC to OUTPUT!

    clrf PORTC ;Write 0 to portc (Turn off all diodes!)

    bsf TRISA,4 ;Make RA4 INPUT (Connect switch here)
    ; Main Loop =|
    movfw TMR0 ;Take value of TMR0 and...
    movwf PORTC ;Show on PORTC
    goto loop

    That's all... You don't need "delay routine" becasuse incrementing TMR0
    is a backward process.(The only job which MCU have to work is to display value of TMR0 on leds.)
    Also,if you tired making loop's for delay,just say me and I will send you
    macrow which I wrote for 20Mhz Crystal. You just write command:
    pauzams .100 (it means: pause 100ms )

    Best wishes.


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