fetching data to treeview

Hi All,

I have five DropDownList box in my page,and the first DropDownList is fetching data from a databse table in page load.When I select an item from the first DropDownList,four other DropDownList will be populated with the corresponding data from the database table as per the the selection of an item from the first DropDownList.Now I have to click a button on the same page which will go to another page having a TreeView control in it.The TreeView control will be populated with data from a database table as per the selection of item in the previous page first DropDownList.

How can I do this.Plz Help

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  • Hi,

    I not sure exactly what it is you need to know?
    populating Dropdown list, navigating to a new page or populating a treeview?
  • You store the selected item from first dropdownlist in a querystring or sessions and it will be available to the next page.so based upon the selected item pop the data from the database to tree view...



    Happy Programming
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