hey all,
i recently downloaded c++ 3 from torrrent, it was a .rar zipped file .
i extracted the contents, now when ever i write a source code in the editer and compile it, an error comes up saying unable to open the header file. i am a student and i need to learn c++ in a month. the .h files are present in the folder where TC is but every the compiler is not bieng able to open the header file what should i do??? i really need help on this


  • [color=Blue]From the menu go: "Options" -> "Directories" and in the opened dialog box set up two first directories: INCLUDE directory and LIBRARY directory. Both fields must point to a folders where you unzipped your TC.

    Say, your TC is in folder "C:COMPILERSTC31".
    Then your setup would be:

  • Inside of the Turboc30 folder, locate and double
    -click on Install.exe.
    When the installation program begins, select Enter.
    Enter the Source drive letter (in this case C).
    Source Path is urboc30.
    Use the arrow key to scroll to Start Installation.
    Select or the F9 key.

    If an error message is generated stating:
    "Invalid directory or name format."
    Click/Press the Esc key and change the ensuing drive
    letter to the drive (Target Installation Drive)
    of choice and select .

    Installation should proceed.
    Actually I am having the installation CD, this all demo is just by copying the setup to my hard drive...
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