Prolly simplest question ever...

Hi, right now I am trying to learn C++. My computer at home is busted so I am forced to practice on my school computer. As of right now I am attempting to compile this coding

int main(){

cout << "Hello World!


Everything looks swell. But I get this error
proj0005.rc: out of date with destination proj0005.res
proj0005.rc: source date <unknown destination date 1:20:19 PM 2/5/2009
Resource compiling C:c5inproj0005.rc
Linking C:c5inproj0005.exe
FATAL: Unable to open file 'proj0005.def'[/code]

Can someone please help I know NOTHING of C++ idk if its just because this is a school computer and they have some restrictions that may apply. THank you!


  • You need to ask your teacher or the system operator for help.

  • hi, i m just a beginner in c language, and i m making a logic controlled project, i m making a gaming machine using AND and OR gate, and i want to create user interface by connecting the hardware to computer via parallel port and like for instance, tht a question will be displayed on computer's screen like for instance " what is the capital of norway"
    b- sydney
    c- oslo
    d- bombay
    so if user selects a then the message " sorry your answe is wrong"
    and if user selects c logic 1 shoulg be transferred to pin 1 of AND gate to which we already have provided logic 1 so output will be 1 and then the questio will be displayed on screen " your gender"
    ii- female
    and if its male then send logic 1 to another circuitry and a gift will slide and if its female then some other gift will slide.
    please guyz help me write program on C, i only know that function winio will be used for this purpose but i dont know how to implement it, and i have just started learning c for like about 1 month and i have studied till looping, guyz plz help.
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