New Game Idea need help!!!

Hi Everyone,
I have a game idea well actually it has been done but none that are very good. I want a browser based baseball management game. I have very little experience so I need help.

Things I need in game
Most troubling to me is how to sim stats
adjustable Roster page
finance page
stadium ticket and concessions adjustable page
trading and free agents
and more

If you have experience love baseball and want to help email me at [email protected] and tell me what you can help with.


  • What language would you want to use.
    I've messed around a bit with PHP and am currently learning how to make C# and MySql play with each other.

    To get the stats you may need to learn how to use an API to access a site like Yahoo.

    PS. Would you also mind collaborating with a Yankees fan
  • no ill work with a yankees fan

    and the language ive been thinking about but I dont really care if you want to shoot me a email send it to [email protected] and we can talk more in depth
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