Javascript Rotating iFrames in order

I have this rotating iframe script. Here is my problem, this script rotates the iframes in random. id like it to rotate the iframes in order. i have no idea about javascript but im thinking it would be as easy as changing "random" to a diff word maybe?

also I just want to add im not looking to use something different, this is so easy all I have to do is "insert html" on my html editor and cut and paste this in and it works. I don't want to have to install anything on my url because I know nothing about that. So ya, thats why I am looking for javascript only.

any help would be great, thanks!

/* /*

var iframeAds = new Array(
'iframe code'
'iframe code'
'iframe code'


var randValue = Math.round( Math.random() * ( iframeAds.length - 1 ) );

document.write( iframeAds[randValue] );
/* ]]> */

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