asp page as text file


how to save asp page as text file.. in vb.
the asp page consist of set of statements like

insert into compare1(sno,fname,sname,age) values(10,'f ','g ',2)
update compare1 set fname='vetri ',age= '24' where sno = 1
update compare1 set fname='clive ',sname= 'lloyd ' where sno = 2
update compare1 set sname='rathna ' where sno = 3
update compare1 set age='34' where sno = 4
update compare1 set fname='geetha ',age= '24',sname= 'priyaa ' where sno = 6
update compare1 set fname='linfor ' where sno = 7
update compare1 set sname='lloyd ' where sno = 8
update compare1 set age='5' where sno = 9




  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    I do not understand what you are asking. Asp pages are saved as a text file, you can open them with notepad if you'd like.

    If you want to store captured data from a Asp form, then I understand what you are asking.
  • hi

    thanks for your reply..

    when i run my asp page i get a set of statements in the output. in the output page when the user clicks the save button the content of the outputted asp page should be stored in the text file format in the desired location.

    pls reply soon hope you understand


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