Coul someone please help me?

I have a small matlab assignment, but I don't know how to start.
Could someone please give me some hints? Matlab doesn't let me start a vector with a zero, but the delta function is only defined at zero. I tried ignoring that problem and defining delta at one (which is probably wrong), and I get errors for h[n]. Also, how do I check for BIBO stability in Matlab?

Given the discrite LTI system:
h[n] = -1.4y[n-1] - 0.5y[n-2] + 1delta[n-1] + -0.4delta[n-2]
Find the impulse response h[n] for n = 0...40, and plot it. Then check if the system is BIBO stable (using MATLAB)

Any help will be appreciated.


  • There exist the matlab function [b]dirac[/b] that implements the delta. So, delta(0)=Inf.

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