urgent help regarding a web development project.

Dear all,

I need urgent help regarding a web development project.
I would be very pleased if you can guide me in this regard.

My requirement is as follows.

i need to have a web based project that should also work offline. (also using a website)
its just a small (but sensitive) database of say 100-200 fields and has attachment links to the files that are uploaded on a server.

both online and offline versions have same functionality and modules
all forms same! (can it be just one downloadable software with online-offline modes? to access database? )

end users -- around 50, located anywhere

software when online:
1. the latest database should be download, according to user privileges, locally and should be very secure that no one can open it using tools other than the software. it must also be encrypted? (how?)
2. the local changes that i save in the software should be syncronized to the online database. (how?)
3. core software for report generation etc.

software when offline:
1. according to user privileges, locally i can view/use the downloaded offline data without internet connection.
2. i should be able to save local new records/changes that i add in the software (can be done in a temporary database for syncronization)
3. ?data must be encrypted
4. offline software for report generation etc.


what is the ideal SERVER side programing language for such a dev project? ASP.NET, VB.NET, PHP, JSP ???
what is the ideal CLIENT side programing language for such a dev project?
what should the ONLINE database and OFFLINE database backend be? MYSQL, MSSQL, ACCESS ???

how should the general structure of callbacks and serverside and clientside software be?
can AJAX help? (like ComponentArt GUI)
are there any third party tools that make working with online-offline apps easier?
how to have minimum fuss for the end user (no complex installations/ no webservers running etc)

how should one secure such apps? locally and online?
also is decompiling such apps possible? how will i know?


i was planning on using ASP.NET with mysql.....but i dont know about the offline version!




  • With asp.net, I think it's better combined with SQL Server, since this is also from Microsoft. It will perform better together, and most MS guys know asp.net and sql server well, but not asp.net + mysql. :)

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  • thanks for the response....

    also can you explain something for the offline version also?

    my hierarchy is as follows:

    i will be using a database server 24/7 online
    and the application server - (or website) - for connectivity
    and an offline application with local database -- for editing and adding details.

    also since the setup is not local, users will be located all across the country.
    so the software should be allowing for offline use...to work on.. and then synchronize the data ---
    also both the offline app and website will fetch the online updated data from all locations.. when required.

    can we discuss further? please.

    Thanks and regards
  • The part of sync between user's offline database to the online version of database will be the hard part I think. Why not require the user to log on and connect to the online db in order to do anything?

    Other parts, I think all will not be big problem.

    [color=Green][size=1][b]Brad Wang - .NET Freelancer from China
    MSN: [email protected]
    Skype: brad_wang[/b][/size][/color]
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