terminal velocity graphing

i need to be able to plot the vertical speed and the altitude as a function of time. attached is the code. any help would be appreciated


  • I can't understand what is your problem, in your code you already plot the altitude as a function of time.
  • the graph is not plotting properly and i do not know how to get it to look the right way, also need to have seperate plots for the velocity and altitude
  • If you don't explain what you mean with "plot properly" I can't help you.
    To plot two different figures you can code in this way:

    figure(); plot(time, altitude);
    figure(); plot(time, velocity);
  • the velocity graph was only using one point for the entire graph, we need it to use all the points for the velocity graph. i also can't figure out how to get the altitude to plot. attached is the revised information.
  • Can you give me some test input values so that I can check the code, because it gives me some errors and perhaps it depends on my "random" input values.
  • initial altitude is 3800
    parachute diameter is 10
    opens at 40
    time step is .1
  • Now it runs!
    To plot all the velocity values you have to code in this way (I underline the lines that I have added):

    while t1000
    if V>-Vt_before
    disp('The skydiver did not reach terminal velocity.')
    else Vterm=1;
    disp('The skydiver reached terminal velocity.')
    [u]plot(t,V,'.');hold on[/u]
  • To plot the altitude:

    while Alt>0
    [u]plot(t,Alt,'.');hold on[/u]
  • thank you, we modified what you gave us to graph for the entire duration of the jump.
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