how to simulate parse using for?

please help!! i have to simulate parse using a loop for!
e.g float=Float.parse(string_of?_characters).how can i do this without using parse??its an old way of programming and i have to find out how!!


  • Start your number at 0. Step through the string. Each time you hit a digit, multipply your number by 10 then add the numerical value of the digit you hit. Until you hit a decimal point. I'll leave you to work out what you need to do then.

    You also need a little patch for unary plus or minus. Probably you won't be required to parse numbers in scientific notation.

  • thank you very much,youve been very helpful.can you pls give me a simple example so i can understand what you're saying a little better.i get the point but i think an example would help me out.
  • why am i doing this until i hit a decimal point?i have to know the answer by tommorow!any help would be useful
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