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Hey guys!

I took a looong hiatus after my web designing days in highschool, and now I'm trying to get back into it. It's difficult to find help for what I do because I use the same method I did back then, I think it's simple ASP, and no one seems to do that anymore. So sorry if my terms are off, it's been years.
ANYWAY, what I'm doing SHOULD be very simple: displaying a list of information (from a database) to a user which they can search.
I have everything in the database display, and I have a search textbox they can use to look for keywords.

How do I Select All records from a database where any of the fields contain the keyword?

Once I get the results of those keywords, how do I break down the results into multiple pages?

Thanks everyone. This is really difficult for me because logic tends to elude me, and I'm sure the answer is so simple I'm going to be embarrassed.


  • Try to search for help on 'Full Text Search'. SQL Server can do a Full Text Search. It is enabled by default in SQL Server 2008 and perhaps in earlier versions. But you need to put the stuff you want to search in a Table and set up indexes.
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