hello everyone i would if i may ask a question before i start programing i was told and advised to learn PASCAL

and before i do my job is networking by the way,never programed in my hole life and i would like to ask if i may and hope that someone qwould take the time to awnser my question what is the processing of pascal generaly used for example

application programs

web script ect what is the general use for pascal and what is the main arcehtecture behind its usfullness within the programing world and what is it most used for i would like to thankyou for taking the time in reading may mail yours sincerly shadowdevelopment


  • Pascal has certain advantages, that's way was thought widely ( and probably still is ) in the past. It is a solid general purpose language what can be expanded greatly ( via the built in assembler ), although I recommend to start with Free Pascal instead of Borland/Turbo becauase is up to date, multiplatform and is backward compatible. There are lots of tutorials and resources on the net if you google. Here's some more info about the language:
  • Hi you write the same post to nearly every programming language.
    I have told you some thing about Delphi ... and I advice you to use Delphi instead of Pascal.
    It's much easier to write nativ Windows applications in Delphi instead of using Pascal.
    Or another alternativ would be FreePascal in combination with Lazarus.

    Fabian Classen

    PS: Please don't mind my "bad" English
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