I need some one to solve this two Questions ..plz

hi all

realy reaaaaaaaaaaaly need some one to solve this Questions

A telecommunications website maintains details of
a) Various models of mobile phones (like company(NOKIA,SONY etc.), Model Number, Description, Price)
b) Registered members of the website (memberid, password)

Discount of 5% is offered if you are a registered member of the site. Develop web services using .NET to
i) Get the discounted price for a model if you are a registered member of the site(authenticated by the password you send).
ii) Get the regular price of a phone given the model number and company

Develop a Server application with web services and Client to consume the above developed Web services. Deliverables Application (Client/ Web Service)


  • dude - I'm not saying this to be rude or mean, but if you need help understanding some aspect of your school assignment then you should turn to a forum to ask a question, but this seriously isn't the place to ask someone to completely do your homework for you.
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