C++ vs C#

I first started trying to program in my mid teens using C++. Now I'M 23 and I'M not much better. I can't do anything more complex than basic input/output, if/else statements, simple loops and very simple functions. I heard that C# was new on the scene and has even been endorsed by Microsoft as being a very capable language. They have even started their own game design platform called XNA bases on C#. So I thought I would give it a try. But again, I don't get very far into it when everything starts looking to complicated. To many () & [] going on in the same line for me to follow. Sometimes I may be able to point at my screen and follow(VERY SLOWLY) what's going on, by I couldn't turn right around and start writing that junk to save my live, just the simple stuff. What am I doing wrong.
And is C# really a good alternative to C++, or should I just go back to C++, or give up all together?
One more question, as anhone used "Complete C++ Training Course"? It's $109.99, but I thought it might do the trick.


  • C# should be much easier to learn than C++. However, all professionals in the game industry use C++ and they will not use C#, because that language is too slow for demanding 3D graphics.
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