Help in making a game

I have made cellular automata called Pixelgarde.
many different kinds of cellular automata and fuzzy logic are used to create complex life like behaviors.
the automatons used in the game simulate: plants, flowers, bugs, fire, sand....

I want to make it a puzzle game but I don't have allot of ideas.

you can play with the sandbox form at:

any suggestions, or if some one wloud like to help?


  • Impressive ! Do you mind posting the source too, ...pls !
  • Here is the code, it is messy,
    tell we if you want to make it a game.
  • Many thanks for the code mate ! Too bad, I didn't get most of it :-( Could you explain it a bit, how it works ? I would like to see it turned into a game.

  • I will arrange the code maybe I will try to port it to free pascal.

    as for now I will explain a bit:

    the main game parts:

    virtual screens, pallets, gui...

    main game loop:
    {go over the scrren}
    for x:=1 to 318 do for y:=1 to 198 do
    {cellular automatons logic: can be found in obj_fx}
    if(getpixel(x,y) = sand colors)then sand_logic
    ................ fire_logic

    {gui logic}

    {alot of junk}
    until Esc
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